Passion With Purpose

We believe the outdoors is one of the most valuable outlets to disconnect from your day to day struggles. Through immersing ourselves in the present and our natural surroundings- we have always been inspired and driven by finding refuge in our greatest teacher, nature, while sharing these experiences with others.

We believe that wildness extends beyond nature, and can be a part of your ethos. Fish U.S. is a brand centered in adventure and exploration, and through our creative designs and products we capture that sentiment. 

We believe it is our responsibility to be caretakers and operate in this manner through donating 5% of our annual proceeds towards environmental protection and conservation. We have a duty to protect and fight for the places we cherish. Because of this, we are committed to taking an environmentally focused approach through printing in a net zero facility as well as transitioning to eco-friendly packaging and products. As we grow, we are continuing to seek ways that we can incorporate this into all aspects of how we operate. We plan to innovate and always evolve as a brand to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We believe in feeding the soul, whether by chasing that rush you get when hooking up with a fish, or the peak of a jam where you are totally immersed in the moment. Flow state is what we live for, and is the foundation of what Fish U.S. is built on. We get immense joy out of our passion for music, the connections it gives us, and the moments it creates. Like the never-ending chase for the next fish, we love the constant search/pursuit of great jams and discovering/enjoying/appreciating music that moves us.

We believe in community-The common thread that runs through our passions is the strong sense of community among those who share the same love for music and the outdoors. Through Fish U.S. we seek to foster our own community of like minded people to connect and celebrate our common interests.